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Where is corporate headquarters?
2165 Spring St., Long Beach, CA, 90806
When did the Company begin to trade in the United States? What is the ticker symbol?
The Company began to trade on the Nasdaq in May 2021 under the symbol SKIN.
When is the Company's fiscal year end?
The Company’s fiscal year ends on December 31.
Does the Company pay a quarterly dividend?
The Company does not pay a quarterly dividend at this time.
Who should I contact to request a stock certificate or transfer of my shares?
Please contact the Company’s transfer agent, Continental Stock Transfer & Trust Company
Does the Company offer a direct stock purchase plan?
The Company does not have a direct purchase program at this time.
Who should I contact with other questions about my stock?
Please contact your stockbroker.
How can I obtain SEC filings?
Please click here.
Where can I find information on the Company’s management team and board of directors?
Please click here for information on the management team, and here for information about the board of directors.
How can I get updates on financial news and events?
Please click here to sign up for email alerts.
Who should I contact with other investor inquiries?