3 steps, 30 minutes, the best skin of your life!

This is not a slogan or a marketing campaign but rather a simple promise that defines and guides everything we do at Beauty Health. The ‘industry’ has made skincare confusing, fragmented, often expensive, and ultimately unapproachable to most people. But it doesn’t have to be this way, and it is this promise that has helped us shape a new category where beauty health can be achieved for all.

Let me share a few of our first principles which define who we are and what type of company you will be investing in for the future:

We believe healthy skin is beautiful skin! That beautiful, healthy skin is empowering and provides the confidence to tackle life’s everyday challenges. And that starts with your face – it is considered perhaps the most unique and defining part of our bodies – and caring for your face/skin isn’t just about vanity. It matters to your career. It matters to building meaningful relationships. It matters to your emotional and physical health and well-being.

We call this our Face Life, Face First principle. 

We believe beauty health is social and can be a transformational experience. You will enjoy the experience and delight in the results – Because when you get it, you get it! And those who get it belong to a community of believers that know beauty is more than a physical attribute – it’s a feeling. The HydraFacial Nation is this community of consumers, partners and providers who care about helping each other achieve healthy skin while having fun along the way. We help our providers create “mini-moments” that engage the consumer and keep them coming back for more. The HydraFacial treatment is social in nature, and our superconsumers want to show off their #gunkie and the glow that remains! It’s amazing and disgusting all at the same time – and this sharing helps continuously pull more people into our community of believers.

We call this our HydraFacial Nation principle.

We also know that consumers are seeking out the best products and services for their specific skin type – and that does not equate to singular brand loyalty but rather brand experimentation. There isn’t a silver bullet product, one size does not fit all, and it can be hard to figure out what products/services are a right fit without help.

We democratize and personalize because beauty health should be for everyone!  Too often products are marketed that are out of reach for many people.  They are expensive, limited to certain skin types or painful, and often require a visit to the doctor. Our products and services treat people of all skin types, they are reasonably priced and are available at the consumers choice of location.  We see opportunity regardless of age and ethnicity and seek to introduce more young consumers, men and people of color to the benefits of experiencing beauty health.  Whether it’s treating a young person with debilitating acne to be more confident, a man concerned about his complexion or a person of color who has had limited choices-this can be a shared experience for people from all walks of life that love themselves and care about beauty health.  We want more people to experience healthy skin and help them achieve their personal goals.

Typically, the industry is split into two: Skin Correction that includes more invasive, targeted services performed by medical professionals (i.e. injectables and lasers) and Skin Care that includes everyday serums, creams, masks, and more. That’s where HydraFacial fits in – we bridge the gap in the skin health continuum, connecting all consumers on both sides, and enhancing outcomes for both skin correction and skin care. We are brand agnostic, welcoming partners into the HydraFacial Nation to provide their targeted serums through our delivery systems. Because we know that consumers want to experiment and find what brand/product is right for them – and we want to partner with all of them.

This is our And Company principle. 

We believe beauty health should be a connected experience – meeting the consumer wherever they are in their skin health journey. This is a lifestyle, and consumers tend to engage with brands in multiple places – and until now that experience can be fragmented. We invest in our providers to deliver transformational experiences, so that no matter where a consumer enters into the category, they have a consistent experience across the entire ecosystem. Once you get our signature HydraFacial treatment from a trained HydraFacialist, you will be hooked for life.

We call this our Where you live, work & play… principle.

This is a people business and it’s our competitive advantage. Many of our providers are estheticians, an often overlooked member of the skincare profession. We invest in them by providing clinical training, professional development and a holistic business education program called HydraFacial CONNECT. We have HydraFacial Experience Centers around the world that facilitate in person training combined with an online continuing education program.  We believe we can collectively elevate the skincare professional to new levels of influence, importance and income opportunities. Our HydraFacialists are passionate about their business and we are passionate about their success!  HydraFacial will become the largest educator and deployer of estheticians worldwide!

In addition to our providers, our employees are our biggest brand advocates. We have a strong female sales and marketing force that is highly competitive. Our training teams and global partners are often “HydraFacial fanatics” themselves and identify strongly with our providers. We don’t sell products to customers, but rather, we invest with our business partners. When you attend a HydraFacial event, it is difficult to distinguish our employees, customers and consumers from one another. They are all extremely passionate about our community and what we represent.  That’s good and deepens our relationships and strengthens the HydraFacial Nation. 

Thus our People Matter principle.

Being a company that does good is good for business.  We’ve shown historic growth that is unmatched in our industry while generating significant profits.  We want to also share with you where we are headed. This was inspired by Elon Musk’s Tesla master plan – here is ours.


  1. Sell a lot of product, use that money to…
  2. Invest in our skincare providers, use that relationship to…
  3. Find consumers and build a direct relationship
  4. Leverage technology to connect them where they live, work & play.
  5. Build the ultimate flywheel of influence

This is a big deal. We are hyper-focused on growing our global footprint by adding more access points, making consumers aware of the benefits of beauty health and investing in our partnerships. We’ve built relationships with over 15,000 HydraFacialists and treat over 3m consumers annually… and we are just getting started.

HydraFacial is a fast-growing, highly-profitable beauty health business. We believe we can aggregate, train and elevate estheticians worldwide. If we can accomplish that, our providers will join our sales and marketing machine to help us reach a mass market of consumers in the beauty health category. We believe technology will create huge value for consumers and providers, as they personalize and customize a suite of treatments, products and services both from HydraFacial and partners for ideal outcomes. And that when we achieve these initial four steps, we will be not just a high growth, high margin business, but the center of gravity for every major beauty brand, spa service, medical aesthetics provider and beyond. We expect to acquire new consumers and keep them on a life-long journey with our brand. It’s a straightforward plan that’s served us well and will continue to guide our future. If you have skin, HydraFacial is here for you where you live, work & play…

I ask you to join the HydraFacial Nation, take ownership of your own beauty health and make others aware of the benefits of clean, healthy skin. Awareness is our biggest opportunity and I look forward to building an amazing business together.